Elevators have been around for many years and changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. They are a safe and dependable option for people with mobility challenges and those with busy lifestyles, enhancing the mobility and independence and improving access in multistoried buildings.

While purchasing accessibility devices, people look for systems that will ensure safe and comfortable movement. Design, space requirements and cost are other important considerations that govern the purchase decision.

  • Safety – Safety is one of the important factors that people consider while buying an elevator. The system has to be well designed and integrated with safety features that make users feel confident that they can quickly and safely travel between the different floors of a building. Premium quality elevators come with safety features such as emergency stop button, manual lowering unit, emergency alarm and light, cable safety devices, in-cab telephone system, key lock system, non-skid platform and more.
  • Space – Elevators that require space for hoistways, platforms and pits would need structural modifications to install. Machine roomless systems avoid the need for a machine room above the hoistway and so take up less space in a building. Regardless of the system you choose, a reliable dealer can help set it up with the least structural modifications.
  • Style and design – Modern elevators come with various options for cab interior so that they can be customized to blend with the home and office d├ęcor. Custom options are available for lighting, floor and ceiling finishes, wall panels, and more.
  • Quiet, smooth operation – No one wants to travel in a shaky or loud lift. People look for systems that ensure quiet, smooth travel from floor to floor. Take Savaria’s Gearless elevator. Its traction technology provides an exceptionally quiet ride and silence for the surrounding home area. It can be configured to ensure a stable, smooth ride with soft start and stop for movement up to six levels.
  • Repair and maintenance – An “out of order” mobility device is of no use. So when investing in an accessibility system, it is crucial to partner with a reliable dealer that can provide quality equipment along with superior repair and maintenance plans.
  • Load capacity – The total load capacity of the device is an important factor. Accessibility devices designed in accordance to prescribed standards and cabin dimensions can accommodate all models of wheelchairs.
  • Price – The price of each device model differs in terms of its features, size and specifications. People evaluate different features of each model and select the best one that suits their needs in terms of features as well as budget.

Safety and convenience are two main factors that people look for when purchasing an elevator. A high quality model that works well can enhance the resale value of your building.