Stair lifts are a cost-effective way to move up and down the stairs. The user gets onto the chair or seat provided and goes up and down the stairs along a rail on the staircase. It can be used for your permanent or temporary requirements, as it is easy to install and remove after use without making any structural modifications or major alterations to the building. Before buying and installing a stair lift, certain factors should be given due consideration. They are as follows:

  • The Company – The significance of buying a stairlift from a reliable company is that they supply various models of stair lifts from top manufacturers, so you can have the best model of your choice. As these products are safe, reliable and of premium quality, the need for frequent repairs and maintenance can be avoided. These companies usually have samples of a working stair lift in their showroom so that you can actually see how it performs. They can custom design your project and provide professional installation services. Their factory-trained and certified technicians can render efficient and timely repairs, maintenance, and testing support to keep your equipment in excellent working condition. They also conduct cost-free onsite evaluations and offer you 24/7 on-call customer support.
  • Straight or Curved Stair Lifts – There are straight as well as curved stair lifts. Straight stair lifts are attached to the rail on the staircase that goes from top to bottom along a straight line. A curved stair lift is used for a staircase that has a turn or curve, an intermediate landing, any change in direction or angle of incline. So depending on the type of staircase you have, choose a suitable stair lift.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Applications – A stair lift can be installed both indoors and outdoors. If it is for outdoor purposes, then you have to buy a model with a weatherproof cover to withstand various climatic conditions.
  • New or Used Product – Before going to purchase a stair lift, you have to decide whether you need a brand new or a pre-owned model. An authorized dealer can custom design the straight or curved pre-owned stair lift, which can be utilized for your indoor or outdoor applications. Moreover, these used models are certified and sold after a thorough inspection and rigorous tests; their skilled technicians will conduct the refurbishment process to ensure that the devices meet all the necessary safety standards.
  • Weight Capacity – You must consider the weight capacity of your stair lift. If you are purchasing a stair lift for a heavy user, then you have to choose a device with maximum load capacity. Usually, the weight capacity ranges from 250 to 600 pounds. A stair lift with low maximum weight capacity climbs too slowly and will be inconvenient for heavy users.
  • Safety Features – The stairlift should contain certain safety features to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. These include a retractable seat belt, safe on and off seating ensured with seat swivels and locks, over-speed governor and obstruction sensors, rail extension brackets to create no intrusion at the top landing, anti-slip footrest, emergency stop button, carriage and footrest safety switches, and constant charge battery operation.
  • Price – It should be a cost-effective product. An experienced dealer in Long Island can help you choose a model of your choice within your budget.
  • Installation and After-sales Support – Before buying a chair lift, you should measure the entire length of your staircase to purchase the correct amount of track. To be aware of the available models, a full array of brochures, planning guides, and other resources must be there at the company showroom. After the completion of the selection process, technicians will visit your home to install your device. They will provide timely and efficient inspection, testing, repair, and maintenance services for your product, in order to protect it from potential equipment failures, complaints, accidents, and penalties.

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