Wheelchair lifts allow wheelchair users to access the different floors of residential and commercial buildings. These mobility devices are ideal for locations where space is a constraint and an elevator cannot be installed. Ascension wheelchair lifts are an ideal option for diverse commercial buildings such as churches, offices, schools, museums, and much more.

These wheelchair lifts require no machine tower or pit and are easy to install. These ADA-compliant lifts incorporated with several safety features are capable to provide access for elevations up to 14 feet. Let’s take a look at the various models of Ascension commercial wheelchair lifts:

  • Protégé – This is a low-rise portable wheelchair lift that can be easily moved by one person for a simple and quick even setup. This unenclosed, self-contained wheelchair lift requires no additional components or structural modifications to set up and can be easily operated by the user. Featuring a platform supported on an electro-hydraulic lifting mechanism with built-in casters, this model provides access to stages, platforms, risers, and other elevation changes up to 42″ high. It comes with a slim profile platform and offers a maximum lifting capacity of 750 lbs and a vertical speed of 5 fpm.
  • Virtuoso – This compact, self-contained lift unit allows people with disabilities access to stages and platforms. It rolls on its own casters and can be easily moved by one person. It does not need an access ramp or machine tower or any building alterations or site preparations to set up. It can easily blend into any interior architecture and décor. The Virtuoso comes with several safety mechanisms such as an emergency stop button, electro-mechanical interlock (to prevent accidental opening of platform gate), grab bars, slip-resistant platform, self-closing platform gates, gate switches, and constant pressure operating switches.
  • Clarity 16E – Aesthetically appealing, the Clarity is an ideal choice for locations where space is a constraint. The small footprint of this wheelchair lift allows it to be installed easily and makes it ideally suited for tight renovation spaces. Its ultra-thin platform floor allows surface-level entry and there is no need for a ramp or installation pit. Featuring a load capacity of 750 lbs, the device runs on a vibration-isolated, dual-cylinder chain hydraulic drive system. The drive system cabinet mounts directly to the upper landing face while leaving 3 clear sides to provide a spacious look. The drive train is specially designed to provide a quiet ride.

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