Elevators have been around for many years and transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide. Many people need to use these accessibility devices several times a day, with the chance that they could get trapped in a stuck elevator at some point of time. Getting trapped in an elevator can be a terrifying experience. The key to handling the situation lies in knowing what to do.

Push the “Door Open” Button

If the elevator is close to the landing, the door will open when you push the button. You should step out carefully as the lift’s floor may or may not be at the same level as the landing.

Stay Calm

When the device comes to a stop and you cannot exit, your natural response may be to panic, especially if you are claustrophobic. Stay calm. Wait for the trained emergency personnel to arrive.

Press the Alarm or Help Button, and Use Any Available Communication Systems

Look for an “Emergency Phone or Help” button. Most devices will have these enclosed in section along the wall. If one isn’t available, press the “Emergency Call” button which is normally bright red in color. Hold it down or push it 2-3 times in rapid succession to get some attention. The phone will place a direct call to emergency technicians (including the elevator company or alarm company) who are trained to take necessary action. This will provide information about the exact location of the building and elevator that you are trapped in. Some lifts have a two-way speaker system that will allow for direct communication between you and the building or rescue personnel. Don’t worry if you are not heard or if the phone doesn’t work properly because some systems are designed only to receive calls.

No matter how fast emergency personnel are called, it will take time for them to come and fix the problem. In the meantime, try to relax and get comfortable. Never ever try to exit a stalled lift car as it can prove extremely dangerous. Staying calm and safe till help arrives is the most important thing when you’re stuck in an elevator.