In New York, many senior citizens and people with accessibility issues and find it difficult to go outdoors when stairs pose a barrier. It is too risky for them to attempt using outdoor stairs, especially in winter, because the steps may be slippery. Installing an outdoor stairlift is the solution to this problem. The device is designed to provide the user with a hassle-free ride over external stairs. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment in New York offer safe, durable and efficient weather-resistant outdoor stairlifts in a variety of models. An outdoor stairlift provides a smooth ride over external staircases, thereby enhancing user independence. It comes with several safety features to prevent accidents and is designed with weather protection to ensure operation throughout the year.

Established dealers offer quality outdoor stair lifts for both straight and curved outdoor stairways. Top models from prominent manufacturers like Acorn, Bruno and Harmar come with features like weatherproof swivel seats, padded armrests, safety belts, swing-away arms, safety brakes on carriage and hidden gear jacks to ensure user comfort and safety. Stair chairlifts can be custom built to follow the angles of your stairs. Here are some popular outdoor stairlift models:

  • Acorn 130 Outdoor: People who struggle with their porch steps can opt for this type of stair lifts. Acorn Stairlifts fits to the stairs, not to the wall. They do not require any structural changes in your home. It has a maximum capacity of 300lbs. For extra protection they have a weather proof seat which is durable.
  • Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight – SRE-2010E: These stairlifts are designed for straight exterior stairways. They come with anodized aluminum rails, covered gear rack and paint-protected steel surface to meet harsh climatic conditions. Load capacity is up to 400lbs.
  • Bruno¬†Elite Outdoor Curved – CRE-2110E: This stairlift is designed for curved exterior stairways that have complex landings. It is reliable, easy-to-use and durable stairlift that allows you to navigate the stairs outside your home easily and smoothly. The device features two batteries that provide dependable performances, even during power failure.
  • SL350OD Outdoor Stairlift: With a durable, aluminum track and marine-grade vinyl seating Harmar’s SL350OD Stairlift is designed for long term outdoor use to handle rain, wind, snow and temperatures from 0 to 125 degrees. They can hold weight up to 350lbs.

If you are planning to purchase an outdoor stair lifts in New York, choose a dealer that can provide you with a free on-site evaluation and customized installation. Such dealers will also ensure periodic inspection, repair and maintenance to ensure that your stairlift functions well all the time.