Are you looking for a elevator for your home in New York? Whether it’s a new or existing home, a glass elevator from Visilift could a great option. With their sleek, striking design and clear cab, Visilift elevators can complement your décor, make your home more accessible and increase its resale value.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][us_single_image image=”13778″][/vc_column][/vc_row]Visilift home elevators are durable, lightweight and strong and are designed for ultra-quiet operation. They come in two models: Visilift Round and Visilift Octagonal.

Visilift Round:  Easy to set up, this cable driven system is perfect for new construction and can also be used to modernize existing applications. It comes with a load capacity of 830 lbs and can easily accommodate a wheelchair. It offers a maximum of 5 stops (approximately 40 feet) and does not need a pit or machine room. Its winding drum system utilizes two aircraft cables to safely and silently move up and down the stairs. Each elevator system offers a 58-inch diameter and 13.4 square inches of floor space.

Visilift Octagonal: This cable-driven elevator fits well with wrap-around stairs through an outlet in floor or attached to balcony. It adds attractive, stylistic dimensions to even the most sober spaces. It has a unique clear octagonal design which allows for panoramic (360 degree) view, with no visible machinery which makes it both functional and eye-catching. It comes with an interior cab size of approximately 42″ x 42″. The columns of the hoistway also act as guide rails. It is wheelchair accessible and supports up to 744 pounds.

These elevators come with several safety features:

  • two independent cables that lift and lower the car
  • four emergency brakes, each of which can stop the car on its own if one cable were to fail
  • Multiple electronic sensors for over travel, to ensure all doors are closed prior to operation
  • Automatic battery lowering, which allows the car to descend to a lower level if a power outage occurs

Visilift Elevators require little maintenance as they have few moving parts. Choosing to buy quality home elevators in NJ and NY from an established dealer will ensure competitive pricing and efficient post-sales support.