Wheelchair users need an effective means of bypassing stairs and accessing decks and porches. Ramps and stairlifts may not be suitable for all applications. Vertical platform lifts (VPLs) are the ideal option in homes and commercial buildings where space is a constraint. They allow wheelchair users to access raised decks and porches in multi-level buildings without leaving the comfort of their assistive device. They can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Top models work on hydraulics or electrical energy. Here are the key benefits of installing a vertical platform lift:

  • Wheelchair lifts are a big help for people with a physical disability, as well as for the elderly who use wheelchairs because of mobility issues.
  • Platform lifts can be used in different locations such as homes, schools, places of worship, and commercial spaces.
  • The device improves quality of life for individuals with physical limitations and enhances their confidence and independence.
  • Residential VPLs provide smooth transport from the ground to an elevated front porch.
  • In schools, VPLs can be used to provide access to allow elevated platforms such as an auditorium stage.
  • Older buildings that do not have enough space to accommodate ramps can consider vertical platform lifts.

Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment in New York offer enclosed VPLs ideal for outdoor settings, shaftway models useful for both indoor and outdoor settings, and stage models ideal for shorter heights or elevations which feature only a platform. Top models of vertical platform lifts include: Multilift, V1504- V1504-EN/V-1504 Lux and Prestige from Savaria, Protégé, Virtuoso from Ascension, RPL Residential, CPL Commercial, EPL Enclosed, CPL 400P (portable) from Harmar.