Staircases pose an increased risk of slips and falls for older adults and people with special needs. Fortunately, leading manufacturers of accessibility devices offer safe and efficient stairlifts to help resolve the problem. These units can be installed on curved and straight staircases inside and outside a home, allowing users to move about freely and without another person’s assistance. However, as they can be an expensive investment, many people are choosing to buy used stairlifts. One question that many prospective customers ask is whether these pre-owed systems are a feasible option.

A second-hand stair lift is an attractive option for a homeowner on a tight budget.  The most important advantage is that you can buy it at a price much lower than new. However, you need to do your research well and get it from a reliable dealer in accessibility equipment. A reliable stairlift supplier will put up used models for sale only after the units go through a thorough refurbishment process. The used lifts are inspected and put through rigorous tests to ensure that they meet all necessary safety standards. Reliable dealers serving New York and New Jersey offer certified pre-owned stair lifts from leading brands such as Savaria, Bruno, Acorn Stair Lifts, and Harmar. Refurbished stairlift models available include: Stairfriend, SL-1000 and K2 from Savaria, Elite indoor and outdoor models for straight and curved stairways, and Acorn 130/180/130.

All stairlifts are refurbished and certified with a full one-year warranty. In addition to expert support to customize the device to suit buyers’ needs, their experienced technicians will also provide hassle-free installation, and dedicated support for maintenance and repair.