Vertical platform lifts (VPLs) allow wheelchair users to easily access raised decks, porches, patios and the levels of a building without leaving the comfort of their assistive device. A VPL is a safe and convenient accessibility solution when stairs pose a challenge. Leading accessibility equipment dealers offer high-quality Harmar vertical platform lifts in New Jersey. Harmar’s VPLs allow wheelchair users to overcome barriers in residences as well as places of work with just the push of a button. Harmar’s TG400 (Toe Guard) is a unique, self-contained commercial platform lift model.This platform lift requires minimal construction. It does not require a separate hoistway and is an ideal option for existing sites where major construction is not possible.

Featuring a maximum load capacity of 750 lbs, the ADA-compliant lift comes with a maximum foot print of 57″ x 68″ and a nominal speed of 10 fpm. The system comes with constant pressure paddle switch and emergency stop (key switch optional).Ithas four removable caster wheels, a platform gate on upper landing side, and auto folding ramp on lower landing side.Interlocks prevent the gate from opening until landing level interlock, or flush strike. The TG400 includes a top landing gate, platform gate, lower landing gate, and lower enclosure walls. The top landing accommodates a 42″ gate, fire door, RDI interlock or flush strike. The Toe Guard’s stationary lower landing walls and gate shield the vertical platform lift inside.

The TG400 (Toe Guard) Commercial Platform Lift is integrated with several safety features including final limit switches, ball nut safety backup, non-skid surface, RDI interlock or flush strike, grab rail inside carriage and easy to use paddle switch with emergency stop inside carriage. The safety pan senses and shuts down when obstructions are the lift. Other features and technical specifications include –

  • Straight-thru configuration
  • Maximum lifting height: 53″
  • 36″ x 60″ inside clear platform
  • Power: 120 VAC 15A grounded circuit, 240 VAC Optional
  • Control Circuit: 24 VAC (Low Voltage Controls)
  • Standard Platform: 36″ x 60″ inside clear platform
  • Manual Lowering: Standard
  • Drive: Belt-driven ball screw / 90 VDC, 1/3 hp motor with brake. Optional 24 VDC battery-powered unit
  • Motor and electrical mounted at topto avoid risk of standing water

Find a Reliable Dealer

If you are planning to purchase the Harmar TG400 (Toe Guard) commercial platform lift in New Jersey, find a reliable authorized dealer. Purchase from a reputable dealer would come with several benefits such as free site assessment, customized installation by factory-trained professionals, and dedicated maintenance support.