For most people, one of the most stressful things about riding an elevator in a multi-storied building is staring at the walls till they get to their destination. Well, a UK based company has found a solution to this with a technology that allows elevator users to enjoy the view outside the building.

Once people are inside the elevator cab, they are totally lost as to where they are. Most accessibility devices with windowless cabs offer zero views of the outside world. LiftEye, the UK based startup firm has introduced real-time technology that allows lift passengers to enjoy a boundless view of what is actually happening outside the building. The company developed this technology to provide architects with a unique tool to keep building owners oriented about their surroundings as they ride in these devices.

The company is all set to commercialize this innovative technology which is based on a computer vision process. This process converts the images into a 3-dimensional model just the same way as people create single panoramic images using their two eyes. Several cameras are vertically positioned on the buildings exteriors or on an adjacent building or a peripheral window. A sensor fitted in the lift cab tracks its movements. The technology transmits 3D images and renderings of the building’s surroundings. The images are mapped on to the renderings. The 3D illustration created by the camera is synced to the sensor and the captured visuals are transmitted and seen by the passengers in the correct sequence and at the correct position.

This new technology can be used by themed resorts and hotels to transmit images of their attractive locations as the sensors need not be technically positioned on the same building as the elevator. In addition, touch screen options can be added which would allow the panel to function as an interactive map of the building or of local attractions. The technology is expected to cost about $50,000 to half a million dollars, depending on the size of the building. The company says that LiftEye can be used in most elevators as long as they have the capacity to accommodate about 1,000 pounds of additional weight and can accommodate the 50 inch display.