StairliftGenerally, most seniors or ageing homeowners are concerned about falling particularly while using the stairs. In most cases, moving between the floors in a building can be very difficult and painful for seniors with limited mobility. Without proper assistance, it may be impossible for them to move from one floor to another as some buildings have curved staircases where there is a turning or straight landing, curve or radius type turns mid-way in the steps.

Slips and falls down the stairs is a leading cause of injury among elderly people and installing a chair lift can help reduce the risk of falls. A curved stair chair lift enhances the mobility of seniors by providing access to different levels in buildings. It also makes it possible for them to live their lives more independently and with greater freedom. Popular manufacturers offer unique models of curved lifts for both residential and commercial applications. With the help of these devices, seniors can improve their accessibility to a great extent.

Recent news reports the installation of a new stairlift at the “Stroud Congregational Church in Bedford Street”. The Stroud Congregational Church in Bedford Street is situated on the first floor above a function room which hinders accessibility, especially for the elderly with limited mobility. For more than 30 years, parishioners made use of a standard lift. However, due to regular wear and tear, the church administration decided to shut down its operation on the grounds of health and safety.

The church recently revamped the ground floor and the administration was looking out for an economical accessibility solution and installing a stair chair lift was a viable alternative. With a stair lift installed, church goers with mobility restrictions can easily climb up the steps and attend services with ease.

The device was specifically designed to fit and wrap around the church’s stone spiral staircase. The new curved stair chair lift was installed without making any specific structural alterations, while ensuring there was adequate space for other people who use the staircase to pass by. Upon installation, several people used the device and commented on its easy operation process and how safe and comfortable they felt while travelling up and down the floors. With higher advances in the design and development of independent living solutions, stair chair lifts can be easily installed within minimum time.