With their flexible design and advanced safety mechanisms, elevators have become an integral part of modern multilevel residences. Home elevators make life easier for the entire family, especially for members with mobility concerns. They can also be used for moving bulky packages or luggage between floors. Leading dealers of accessibility devices offer innovative models of home elevators in New York that easily blend into any home décor. Savaria Gearless Home Elevator blends functionality and style and is the ideal option for those looking for an environment-friendly, customized accessibility system.

Compact Design with State-of-the-art Safety Features

Featuring a gearless traction motor with dual traction and heavy gauge ropes, this innovative residential elevator ensures whisper-quiet operation. The dual traction, heavy gauge ropes and high density rubber guide rollers provide for the ultimate smooth ride, including a soft start and stop. Its bi-directional overspeed governor and slack cable safety brake ensure safe, reliable operation. The cab comes with automatic on/off lighting and digital display in the operating panel.

With a total load capacity of 750lbs (340 kg), this home elevator travels at a nominal speed of 40 ft/min (0.20 m/s) to a height of 50′ (12.24 m) and 60′ (18.29 m) where code permits (with up to 6 stops and 2 openings). It functions on a 1 hp gearless electric motor with a total power supply of 230 volts, single phase, 60 Hz, 20 amps.Other impressive features include –

  • Uni-body rail system
  • Recessed gate pocket
  • Minimum pit – 8″ (152 mm), 11″ (279 mm) with buffer springs
  • Home landing feature
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Easy-access service panel
  • Digital display in cab operating panel
  • Choice of six (6) melamine wall panels or MDF cab finish
  • Automatic cab on/off lighting
  • Minimum Overhead Clearance – 108″ (2743 mm) for standard 80″ cab, 120″ (3048 mm) for 96″ cab
  • Optional Cab Finishes – Recessed hardwood, raised hardwood, finished or unfinished veneer, decorative covering vinyl laminate

Choose a Reliable Accessibility Equipment Dealer

It is important to purchase the Savaria Gearless Home elevator in New York from a reliable dealer. Partnering with a professional supplier will ensure competitive pricing and as well as efficient post-purchase support related to installation, inspection, testing and maintenance.