Hurricane Sandy was one of the worst national disasters ever to hit the NY, NJ Metropolitan area. “Build It Back” program has proved to be a great relief for homeowners who were affected by the cyclone. Many homes were rebuilt and their living area was shifted to the second floor to avoid Sandy-like hazards. However, this move poses a challenge to those with mobility issues as well as the elderly. An established supplier of elevators and stair lifts in New York, DAY Elevator & Lift in conjunction with general contractors has led the way in implementing the Build It Back NY Program, installing wheelchair lifts and elevators for people who need them. We assisted a homeowner in NYC to improve accessibility in his residence.

The Challenge

Steve Johnson owns a home in a sandy affected area in NYC. Following referrals received from other satisfied customers, he contacted us to install two residential wheelchair lifts in his NYC home.

The Solution

Working with a general contractor, our team successfully installed the required residential wheelchair lifts at this client’s home. Now he enjoys easy accessibility from the ground level of his home right up to the newly raised levels.

Two of our skilled and experienced technicians worked on this project. The duration of the project was about 7 months from the check in date. Extreme weather conditions with beach sand and high winds during the installation posed a huge challenge. The client was very impressed and extremely satisfied with the accessibility solution installed.

We also offer post-hurricane maintenance services for all types of mobility equipment such as elevators, wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, and ramps in residential and commercial buildings.

To restore or replace your hurricane Sandy-impacted mobility equipment or to install a new product, you can schedule a free consultation with us. Dial (800)758-5438 or send us an email at sales@dayelevator.com.