Leading manufacturers of accessibility systems offer premium quality residential inclined platform lifts in New York. These systems are designed to help wheelchair users overcome the challenges posed by the staircases in homes. Inclined platform lifts transport a wheelchair and its occupant from one level to another. They are attached to a rail on a straight or curved staircase and glide up and down the staircase along the rail. They do not require a machine room and are the ideal option when an elevator or vertical lift cannot be installed due to space and cost constraints.

A residential inclined platform lift can be installed on an indoor or outdoor staircase. It can be fixed on either side of a staircase and comes with a load capacity of 500-550 lbs. The device is reliable, easy to use and install. Safe and cost-effective, it can be folded up when not in use, leaving the stairs unobstructed. It can be installed on an existing stairway without much structural modification or construction, saving time and installation costs.

Safety Features of Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Quality platform lifts come with a wide array of safety features:

  • Motorized folding safety arms
  • Security locks
  • Non-skid platform with side safety flaps
  • Mechanical emergency brake
  • Under platform safety pan obstruction sensors
  • Battery powered/charging stations to ensure operation during a power failure
  • Manual lowering device
  • Keyed access for call stations and emergency stop button
  • Over speed governor
  • Obstruction sensor system on carriage and platform
  • Keyed continuous pressure controls
  • Slack cable switch and upper/lower limit switches.

Popular Models of Residential Inclined Platform Lifts

At a leading accessibility equipment company in New York, customers can choose from various models of high quality Savaria and Harmar residential inclined platform lifts.

  • Savaria Delta Inclined Platform Lift – Designed exclusively for straight, constant gradient stairs, the Delta travels up to a maximum distance of 82′ at a speed of 20 feet per minute.
  • Savaria Omega Inclined Platform Lift – This unit is suitable for stairs with landings, directional changes, multiple levels, or curves. It travels at a speed of 14 feet per minute up to a maximum distance of 164′.
  • Harmar IL500 Sierra Incline Platform Lift – This energy-efficient device requires no messy grease or lubricants. It travels up to a maximum distance of 40 feet at a speed of 14 feet per minute.

In addition to supplying quality residential inclined platform lifts, an authorized dealer will provide free onsite assessments, professional installation support and testing, repairs and maintenance services for your product. They can also be counted on for 24/7 on-call support to keep your equipment functioning efficiently all the time.