Residential elevator maintenance is very important to keep your home elevator in good condition. Timely maintenance ensures safety and extends the longevity of the device. Generally, maintenance procedures include assessment, adjustment, repair, lubrication, replacement of faulty parts, checking bolts, checking for creaks, squeaks, other noises or vibrations, checking emergency alarm, and other safety devices. Authorized accessibility equipment companies in NYC offer timely and efficient elevator repair and maintenance services to ensure smooth and silent functioning of the elevators you purchase from them. So how often does your elevator need maintenance? It depends on certain factors such as the following.

  • Various Models – There are a wide range of elevator models and each version has different types of components. Some elevators and parts may need more maintenance than others. So it is recommended that the owners of the home elevator immediately call for the service technician for any essential maintenance work to prevent unnecessary repair cost later on.
  • The Location – It also depends upon the location where you are residing. Some cities and counties require all elevators to be regularly maintained so as to avoid unexpected accidents. Your city might have certain specific requirements such as annual inspections and safety certifications to ensure the safety of operation of your residential lift.
  • Agreement Contract – The company which you rely on for the installation of your residential elevator can offer you several options for ensuring appropriate maintenance. There will also be choices in the installation agreement contract regarding the type of coverage and the maintenance frequency that the company is bound to serve you. This helps you to pick and choose the contract you prefer or that which works best for your requirements.
  • Time – The installation service provider will give you an estimate of the maintenance time. It is advisable that the elevator maintenance is done every 12 months. There are elevator models that may require constant component changes and maintenance every few years.

Find a Certified Dealer

If you want to keep your residential elevator in perfect running condition, make sure that you purchase it from an experienced and licensed distributor in NYC that can provide comprehensive maintenance services. They offer 24 hour on-call customer support and emergency repair solutions. They also provide a price estimate for their repairs and maintenance services. They provide high quality services and that too with close attention to detail, critical follow-through and personalized solutions.