Remodelling Your Home for Mobility Impaired PeopleBuying and maintaining a home is surely one of your most important investments. For mobility-impaired individuals and older people, the world outside does not always accommodate their needs. As a home owner, you must be sensitive to the requirements of your loved ones. It is important to build your home in such a way that it can accommodate mobility equipment such as stairlifts, wheelchairs etc. for people with disabilities. With this, your loved ones can enjoy being at home and also move around the house comfortably.  Here are five projects to implement in your house that will make it more friendly and accessible to you as well as your loved ones.

  • Proper lighting: Poor lighting in your house is dangerous for disabled and older people. It makes it difficult for the disabled to see clearly and can lead to severe accidents. The most common accident is tripping over something unseen or slipping on a step. With better lighting they can see clearly and move around safely.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms may have smooth tiling that is often wet and slippery and can increase the chances of slipping. Installing grab bars, shower pans or walk-in tubs will help mobility-impaired people enjoy their bath without slipping and falling.
  • Stairlifts: Climbing stairs is a difficult task and it is an accident prone area of the house. The best remedy to this problem is installing stairgliders that would help disabled or older people to move up and down the stairs effortlessly.
  • Doorways: Doorways are the most neglected areas in the house and they are often constructed quite narrow. Widening of doorways is essential as this enables anyone using wheelchairs and crutches to easily access different rooms in the house.
  • Kitchen: Keeping low cabinets in the kitchen is essential for people who are mobility impaired. Roll out shelves and full extension drawers are great options in the kitchen. Also make sure that you fix knobs or grasp handles on all doors and drawers.

An established dealer offers durable mobility equipment that will make your home a warm and friendly place for disabled people. They provide devices that are specifically designed  to make your homes safer and  more comfortable.