Residential elevators provide a safe and easy way to move between floors. A home elevator allows you to live in the home you love. Residential elevators in New York come in a variety of styles and designs. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are innovative, compact systems that work on air pressure. The PVE30 is one of the smallest elevator models suitable for use by a single person. Ideal for both new and existing homes, the PVE30 fits well with wrap-around stairs, through floor, or attaching to balcony.

PVE30 – A Compact Model

Featuring a sleek, compact design, the PVE30 single passenger residential elevator requires no pre-construction shaft, pit or separate machine room and takes up only minimal space. It is easy to install, operate, and maintain.

The PVE30 residential elevator comes with a total load capacity of 350lb (159kg) and travels to a height of up to a 50 ft. (15m), with as many as five stops. With a 30 inch outside diameter, it is small enough to fit in even the most modest-sized home. Its vacuum pump generates areas of higher and lower atmospheric pressure within the cylinder hoistway, so that the unit smoothly moves between floors while using much less energy than other home elevators.

This self-contained home elevator rests on the existing ground floor and provides a beautiful panoramic view of your home as you travel from floor to floor. It is ideal for tight areas where a traditional residential elevator will not fit. The pneumatic vacuum elevator comes integrated with a wide range of safety features like – electromechanical interlocks at each landing, alarm system, telephone, mechanical emergency brakes (within two inches of free fall in vacuum loss or catastrophic), in-line door openings and automatic interior LED lighting and fan. In the event of a power failure, the device automatically descends to ground level at a safe speed.

Additional features and specifications include –

  • Minimal construction
  • 50 ft (15m) Total Rise Max
  • 30 ft/min travelling speed
  • Power Supply – 25 AMP 220VAC
  • Internal cabin height – 6’7″
  • Internal cabin diameter – 20 ½ inches
  • External cylinder diameter – 30 inches
  • Entrance way opening – 20 ½ inches
  • Door opening options – Phone, Cabin Key lock & Earthquake brackets
  • ASME A17.7 Certified
  • Aluminum and polycarbonate cylinder structure
  • Minimum overhead clearance –
    • Standard Unit (turbine motors located on top) – 107” (2,719mm)
    • Split Unit (turbine motors located remotely) – 97” (2,464mm)
  • Penetration required to install through floors and ceilings – 32” (813mm)
  • 24 Volt electrical circuits with all controls in cabin
  • Push button call controls with precise leveling at each landing

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