StairliftsClimbing the stairs is one of the most common challenges faced by the elderly and those with mobility issues. A stairlift helps such people navigate a staircase easily and independently, and reduce the risk of falls. The device comprises a motorized seat fitted to a track along the side of the staircase, allowing the user to move comfortably from floor to floor in a seated or standing position.

Purchasing a stairlift can be a daunting task as there are various brands and models and you need to choose the right system to meet your needs from among these. However, experts make some recommendations to make the selection and purchase process easier:

  • Before buying a stair chair lift, it is important to consider see whether the user has the dexterity to use and control the device. The person also needs to have sufficient dexterity to get on and off easily and independently.
  • You should buy a model that is suitable for your staircase, based on whether it is straight or curved. Leading manufacturers offer both straight and curved stairlifts. See if your staircase is broad enough to accommodate the lift.
  • Check out the features and technical specifications of the various models in the market. Devices from leading brands come equipped with safety features such as emergency stop button, anti-skid platform, fold-up platform, safety belt, obstruction sensors, electro-mechanical brake and remote control. Make sure that all safety features are working properly.
  • Evaluate prices of the various models and choose one that fits your individual needs and budget. If you have financial constraints, you could consider buying a certified pre-owned stairlift. In addition to new, established dealers offer pre-owned lifts. These used lifts are refurbished by trained technicians and thoroughly tested and inspected to see that they meet the necessary safety standards before they are offered for sale. One main advantage is that these devices come at a price that is lower than new.
  • Check out how the device works with a live demonstration at the dealer’s showroom.

Purchase from a reputable supplier of accessibility equipment is a viable alternative as it would take care of many of the issues associated with choosing and installing the right lift. Reliable dealers offer premium quality models at attractive prices. They also guide buyers in choosing the right option and provide superior post-purchase support in the form of installation and maintenance.