Space is a major consideration when it comes to installing an accessibility system in residential and commercial buildings. An inclined platform lift is a perfect option in buildings that cannot accommodate an elevator or vertical platform lift. Ideal for use in buildings like churches, schools, hospitals, small offices and other public buildings, an inclined platform lift transports a person seated in a wheelchair up and down a flight of straight stairs by moving along a rail system fixed alongside the stairs. These devices provide convenient multilevel wheelchair access indoors and outdoors in both residential and commercial buildings. Leading suppliers of accessibility devices in New York offer quality inclined platform lifts. Here are the key points to consider when buying this device:

  • ADA-compliance – Before buying an inclined platform lift, make sure it complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and meets all National Safety Code requirements.
  • Load capacity – Consider the total load capacity before selecting a platform lift model. The lift model should not only hold the weight of the potential user but also the additional weight of the wheelchair. The Savaria Omega Inclined Platform lift is a sturdy option that comes with an impressive 550 lb (250 kg) load capacity.
  • Safety features – Reliable dealers offer innovative models of inclined lifts integrated with advanced safety features. These systems are equipped with superior safety features such as emergency stop button, overspeed governor, sensor system on the platform, non-skid platform with side safety flaps, manual lowering device, power folding safety arms and keyed access for call stations. The sensor system can quickly detect objects blocking the device’s path and will immediately stop the lift’s operation, preventing the risk of user getting injured or the lift being damaged.
  • Power chair and wheelchair design – Check to see whether the platform lift can accommodate the configuration of your mobility device. Look for features like wheel structure and width of platform. In addition, see whether the device has a compact folding platform that will leave the stairway free for pedestrians.
  • Budget – Consider your budget. Reliable NY dealers offer quality accessibility equipment at competitive prices.
  • Warranty – Top models of inclined platform lifts comes with manufacturer warranty.

Purchase from a Reliable Dealer

Established dealers offering inclined platform lifts in New York allow customers to view working models of the devices they supply. With a reliable dealer, you can also expect end-to-end support for customized installation and timely efficient inspection and maintenance services.