Musculoskeletal disorders or over exertion injuries are recognized as a serious issue among nurses or caregivers working in healthcare facilities. Nurses or caregivers whoperform manual lifting, transferring, and repositioning of patients are at particularly high risk of injury and back pain. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nurses and healthcare workers are among the occupations in the U.S. that experience the most injuries, requiring time away from work. Ceiling lifts can significantly reduce this risk. Portable ceiling liftsare a flexible solution as they can be set up quickly wherever patient handling is needed. Leading dealers of ceiling lifts in New Jersey offer innovative models integrated with high-end features from Prism Medical.

Innovative Features for Safe Patient Transfer

Prism Medical’s ceiling-mounted lifts are for use in multiple track locations or throughout various rooms. They are a safe and reliable option for moving or transferring patients with limited mobility, balance, strength and coordination issues between rooms and pieces of furniture and equipment, such as between the bed and wheelchair.

Suitable for use in institutional and residential settings, these devices offer the caregiver greater flexibility of use and can be easily relocated or moved from room to room, to different ceiling tracks as and when required. The motor unit functions both as the motor and as the carry bar from which the sling is suspended. These portable models come with advanced safety mechanisms such as over-speed governor, built-in safety limits, slack trap sensors and emergency lowering for safe and comfortable patient transfer]

Top Portable Ceiling Lift Models from Prism Medical

  • P-300 – Ideal for use in temporary, rental, home and rehabilitation settings, the P-300 is very easy and economical to maintain and can be moved between rooms and various ceiling tracks. Featuring a total load capacity of 300 lbs. (136 kgs), along with a lifting height of up to 78″ (198 cm), this lift travels at an average speed of 1.8 inches per second. It comes with a quick charge feature that ensures that the device is always ready for use. Other features include – Faster Hi-Lo function, battery light indicator, digital hand controland charging plug and lightweight aluminum extrusion frame.
  • P-440 – Featuring a contoured shape that enhances patient comfort, this ceiling lift comes with a maximum load capacity of 440 lb. (200 kgs) and a lifting range of up to 80″ (200 cm). On-board controls allow the lift to be easily operated by a single caregiver. A comfortable and ergonomic handle ensures easy carriage and transfer. Other features include – positive locking latches, connection point in the handle, and built-in safety limits.
  • P-600 – This lift model comes with an optional cart that allows for easy and lightweight transport throughout various rooms. The pneumatic hand control feature provides the caregiver with additional control options for maneuvering the lift. The hand controls equipped in this device are fully water-proof and hence they are highly reliable for bath transfers. Other features include on-board controls, positive locking latches, slack strap sensor and built-in safety limits.

Find a Reliable Dealer

The best option when it comes to buying ceiling lifts in New Jersey is to find a reputable mobility equipment dealer who can provide efficient installation and maintenance support. Reliable dealers offer free site inspections and also provide professional guidance to choose the right option.