A stair lift is the best option for people who have difficulty ascending or descending stairs. Outdoor stair lifts are designed to handle the challenges of outdoor staircases. Leading dealers of accessibility equipment offer durable and efficient weather resistant outdoor stair lifts in New York. Specially designed for exterior use, outdoor stair lifts come equipped with weather-proof protection and other safety features to prevent accidents. However, like any other equipment, regular or frequent use can result in abrasion of the stair lift components. Bad weather conditions can damage the lift parts and hinder operation. This underlines the importance of regular maintenance and service of outdoor stair lifts. Regular maintenance and servicing can greatly increase the life span of the device, and ensure that it functions reliably and safely all the time. Here is a checklist for maintaining an outdoor stair lift –

  • Clean the lift – As outdoor stair lifts are continuously exposed to the weather, it is important that they get cleaned on a regular basis – at least once in a week. Clean the seat quick clean using a sponge followed by a clear wipe using a clean and wet cloth to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt.
  • Don’t use cleaning solvents – Never use solvents, bleach or abrasive cleaners for cleaning stair chair lifts. These products can wear away the important components that allow the machine to work properly. Regular exposure to cleaning solvents can cause damage to the carriage and chair sections of the lift and the rollers to lose friction and to skid.
  • Clean the track – In order to prevent deterioration in stair lift movement, make sure to lubricate the tracks at least once in every 3 months. Clean the length of the track with a damp cloth to remove excess dust and residual black carbon that might have built up over months of use. Once the track cleaning is complete, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly or other lubricant to it and any moving parts to keep them well greased. Always make sure to immobilize the accessibility device before cleaning the track. Vacuum the rail (at least twice a month), depending on the weather conditions. This will help keep the rail free of obstructions such as small stones, mud, or dust.
  • Check for cracks on the tracks – Examine the track for any deterioration and check whether there are any breaks or cracks. Charge the batteries completely. It is important to replace batteries once in every 1–2 years. If the stair lift has trailing cables, inspect them for cracks. Use silicone spray for outdoor trailing cables.

In addition to cleaning your outdoor stair chair lift, conducting regular, periodic preventative maintenance will help increase the device functionality and lifespan. Never neglect your stair lift car for more than a year, so be sure to team up with your local dealer for annual “check-ups.” This becomes even more important when your stair lift is being used by more than one user or extends across multiple floors. A reputable stair lift company in New York can ensure efficient and timely maintenance support. Such dealers will have a team of certified technicians who can carry out repair, cleaning, and lubrication tasks effectively and ensure that your stair lift works perfectly all the time.