A leading supplier of accessibility solutions for residential and commercial settings, DAY Elevator & Lift has installed a wide range of mobility equipment including platform lifts in many different locations throughout the U.S. for diverse valued customers. We recently replaced a non-compliant wheelchair lift with the versatile Savaria V-1504 platform lift for our client, Zucker Hillside Hospital. Zucker Hillside Hospital is Northwell Health’s nationally recognized behavioral health center known for its pioneering clinical, teaching and research programs.

The Challenge

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and other healthcare settings must be easily accessible to people with disabilities seeking medical care. Accessibility is legally required and medically important so that minor health issues can be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner before they change into serious, life-threatening problems. This is what makes wheelchair lifts and other accessibility equipment very significant in healthcare organizations. The accessibility equipment must be compliant with all applicable regulations and codes to ensure the safety and comfort of disabled individuals using the equipment. Our challenge was to replace a non-compliant wheelchair lift for Zucker Hillside Hospital (previously known as Hillside Hospital), an in-patient and out-patient psychiatric hospital and clinic in the borough of Queens in New York City.

The Solution

Our skilled team of technicians replaced the client’s old wheelchair lift with Savaria V-1504, a 3-sided elevator with Plexiglass Enclosure. Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor applications, this vertical platform lift is built to carry a wheelchair and passenger safely up and down one or more levels. The lift travels up and down a rail system enclosed in the lift tower. Since the drive system is contained within the lift tower, no additional machine room is required for installation.

To be ADA-compliant, we ensured that sufficient clear space was available around the entrance of the lift to enable wheelchair users to safely wheel onto the platform without having to move around obstructions. The Savaria V-1504 was installed taking into account the flooring material and ensuring that all guidelines were followed to ensure the safety of the rider. This lift model is easy to board, easy to operate and easy to exit – other reasons why we chose this platform lift for Zucker Hillside Hospital. As with all our projects, we installed the wheelchair lift after considering all relevant guidelines and evaluating all applicable codes.

The client was very satisfied with the Savaria V-1504 platform lift we chose for them that enabled them to stay compliant. They could make their services available in an easily accessible manner to people with disabilities including wheelchair users and those who use scooters, walkers and other mobility aids.
We are proud to have been of service for this valuable project!
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