Wheelchair lifts are installed in various settings to help wheelchair users overcome vertical barriers. Leading suppliers of accessibility equipment offer innovative models of wheelchair lifts in New Jersey. The Mobilift CX portable wheelchair lift from Adaptive Engineering is an economical, multi-purpose model that provides people with mobility issues with easy access to elevated platforms and stages.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use in schools, universities, churches, colleges, auditoriums and historic buildings, this wheelchair lift is manually powered, portable, and requires no electricity. It can be easily customized to accommodate unique situations.

Mobilift CX Portable – Features

The Mobilift CX is equipped with easy-to-use controls which require no special training or expertise to operate. It is a perfect choice where structural modifications to accommodate a platform lift are impractical.

With a sturdy aluminum and stainless steel construction, the device comes with a rated load capacity of 600 lbs (tested load is 3000 lbs). Its locking cable feature prevents unauthorized use. The device can lift up to a maximum height of 60″ in just 20 seconds.

The Mobilift CX weighs approximately 268 pounds and can be transported in the back of any size pickup truck. Manual operation requires just 5 lbs. of crank force to lift a 150 pound load and 11 lbs. of crank force to lift 300 lbs. Other standard features include –

  • Can accommodate a large wheelchair or scooter
  • Conforms to stringent safety standards
  • Weather-resistant components
  • Platform size: 34″ X 56″ (0.86m X 1.42m)
  • Bridge ramp size: 20″L X 32″W (0.51m X 0.81m)
  • Accommodate different ramp sizes
  • Left hand side cranking

Purchase of the Mobilift CX portable wheelchair lift in New Jersey from an experienced dealer will ensure excellent post-sales support including professional installation, 24/7 on-call service, and maintenance support to keep your equipment in good working condition.