DAY Elevator & Lift is an experienced hand in providing reliable accessibility solutions such as wheelchair lifts, elevators and elevators for commercial and residential buildings. We recently installed a Savaria Orion LULA elevator for Market Hotel in Broadway, NY.

The Challenge

This hospitality company needed to input a new elevator that would be compatible to their existing shaft. They were looking for an elevator and lift company that could take up the project. They found us via the internet and called us for assistance.

The Solution

Our team of six installers installed Savaria Orion LULA elevator, a perfect option for this busy hotel. This elevator has all the features you would expect to see in a high-rise elevator such as automatic sliding doors and commercial fixtures. It has a professional appearance and with its efficient hydraulic drive system, ensures a smooth ride for users.

The project was completed successfully in two and a half months from the installation date.

During this project, we had to face many challenges. The customer needed an accessible route to get to the event space on the 2nd floor. Due to budget constraints they decided to go with a handicapped lift. However, the travel exceeded the code for a VPL which allows travel up to 14’. We tried to apply for a variance but it was disapproved. The customer had to redesign the property and we were able to put in this LULA elevator which can go up 25’. There were several preexisting conditions which made this installation quite difficult with the machine room being below the pit in a room about 15’ away.

This project literally attests the maxim “Where there is a will, there is a way.” DAY could successfully complete this highly challenging project. The client is happy with the services provided.

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