At DAY Elevator & Lift, we take pride in providing quality mobility products for commercial as well as residential buildings. Our qualified and factory-trained repair experts provide installation support for all types of mobility equipment we offer. Our team installed Savaria Delta inclined platform lift for Albert Einstein Forcheimer Building, a private, not-for-profit, nonsectarian medical school located in the Morris Park neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City.

The Challenge

U.S. schools are required to make their campus, courses, activities, and services accessible to people with disabilities. This includes physical access to college buildings, classrooms, transportation, housing, labs, libraries, and cafeterias. This client contacted us with the requirement of a mobility solution that would improve accessibility within their building over stairs, mainly especially to the student café located in the Albert Einstein Forcheimer Building.

The Solution

Our team installed Savaria Delta inclined platform lift that can carry a passenger with a wheelchair up and down a single flight of straight stairs by traveling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. Delta is well-suited for environments where a vertical lift or elevator cannot be easily accommodated. It does not need a machine room; the ADA-compliant folding platform allows easy access to stairs when the lift is not being used, making this a popular choice for schools, churches, and other public buildings. Since this device is a battery-powered inclined platform lift, it can operate even during a power outage.

This lift ideally met the client’s requirements and specifications and ensured smooth and safe access over the stairs leading to the student cafe.
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