Stair lift is a widely purchased accessibility solution that provides safe floor-to-floor transportation for people who have difficulty climbing staircases. Understanding the demand, established lift dealers offer a wide range of new as well as recertified stair lift models from leading manufacturers. Many people have concerns when choosing between the new and reconditioned models. Let us consider the important factors when it comes to buying the right stair lift.

Buying a new stair lift from a reliable manufacturer is the sensible decision. Going for a new lift gives you peace of mind as it is designed to last for many years. You can be confident about the hassle-free working of the product. Brand new lifts come with updated technology and are designed to meet the present day demands. Moreover, a new model can be tailored to meet your staircase and specifications. Even when a new lift offers all these benefits, some are not ready to purchase a new one considering the expense involved, and they opt for a cheaper reconditioned lift. However, you should understand that buying a used lift is not a simple decision and you have to be very careful. If you make a wrong choice, you’ll end up spending more in the long run. It is important to place the factors of safety and product reliability over the overall expense. You should be sure that what you are getting for a cheaper price is what you actually want. You should have assurances regarding whether the lift will operate safely and how long it will work.

You can stay free of all these concerns by approaching a reliable stairllift dealer for the purchase. The technical team would evaluate your budget and actual requirements to help you make the right decision. In the case of refurbished models, the team there would give you assurance about the product meeting the original manufacturer specifications. They would offer efficient installation, repair and maintenance services to see that the device is in proper working condition. Certified pre-owned stair lifts can make your transportation safe and comfortable while also meeting your budget.

Whether purchasing a new or a used lift, you have to consider a range of features in the chosen model. Ease-of-use, consistent performance, reliability, easy entry and exit, enhanced stability and adjustable seat, stable footrest and armrest, installation without modification to the staircase are all among the most important features.