A glass elevator is an attractive and practical solution to improve mobility at your home or workplace. You need a compact elevator that can fit into small areas; at the same time it must be strong and sturdy enough to carry heavy weights and wheelchairs. Glass elevators are great addition to your building, providing an attractive, panoramic view of your building’s interior while moving from one floor to another. Pneumatic glass elevators are available that add value and beauty to your building. Typically, these can travel through a hole in the floor or attach to a balcony and do not need a pit or machine room.

How Large It Should Be

When installing an elevator, the size of the cabin should be specific. For residential use, make sure that the elevators are accessible to disabled people and easy to operate. It should be an elevator large enough to accommodate a wheelchair but at the same time be compact too. It is important to ensure that the elevator has a broad doorway that can easily fit a wheelchair without any struggle.

Factors to Consider

  • Size of the cabin and its loading capacity: This is one of the most important factors. Make sure that it is large enough to contain a wheelchair and also has good load capacity.
  • Sufficient space: You should analyse and decide where the elevator should be placed. The space required for installing the elevator depends on the size and shape and the car.
  • Safety features: Make sure that the elevator you have chosen ensures safety of the users. It should have all required safety features like slack rope safety system, non-skid platform, emergency stop button and other advanced features that ensure safety.
  • Installation period: Installation of the elevator depends on the design and pattern of the elevator. A reliable dealer would ensure speedy installation with the help of trained, professional technicians.

If you are looking to install a glass elevator for your residential or commercial building, ensure that you are dealing with an experienced dealer. A good dealer will have a variety of elevators from which you can choose one that is most appropriate. Usually, they will have professional staff that will help you make a wise selection. In addition, you will also receive excellent maintenance services for your elevator.