Stairs that lead from the doorway or porch to the garden, basement or drive present a challenge for seniors with limited mobility. The fear of slips and falls may force them to stay indoors. Outdoor stair lifts allow users to access the outdoors easily and comfortably in a seated position. Leading manufacturers of accessibility equipment offer innovative models of outdoor stair chair lifts. The SL350OD Outdoor Stair lift comes with superior safety features and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

SL350OD – User-friendly features

Designed for long-term outdoor use, the SL350OD features a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs (160kg) and travels at a nominal speed of 20 fpm. Built with durable extruded aluminum track and marine-grade vinyl seating to handle wind, rain and snow, this outdoor stair chair lift can be easily installed on either side of the staircase. It mounts to the stairs and not the wall. The weather-resistant cover keeps the unit safe from the elements even when it is not in use.

The SL350OD Outdoor Stair lift comes with a wide variety safety features to ensure a safe and convenient ride. Its safety features include – footrest obstruction switch, final limit switch, swivel seat, slack-cable brake w/switch, limit switches and swivel seat cut-off switch. For added protection, it includes a header, internal chassis and large weatherproof covers. It comes with separate controls both at top and bottom of stairs. Constant pressure rocker controls immediately stop the lift’s operation if the control is released. Other important features include –

  • Seat rest and footrest fold to save space
  • Seat cushions in exterior marine grade vinyl
  • Weatherproof protection
  • Power source-115VAC
  • Travel distance – 16 ft standard; available up to 25 ft
  • Incline limits – 30 – 45 degrees
  • Drive system-Cable drive
  • Minimum footrest height – 4″ (10 cm)
  • Minimum folded width – 14″ (35.5 cm)
  • Upholstery Colors – Light Almond, Evergreen, Mocha

Locate a Reliable Dealer

Purchasing the SL350OD Outdoor Stair lift from a reliable dealer of accessibility equipment would come with many benefits. An established dealer will provide timely and efficient post-sales support including installation, inspection, and maintenance.