AC – alternating current – is a power source that is used in accessibility machines. An AC source of electrical power varies continually in back and forth direction.

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was signed into law by President Bush on July 26, 1990. The ADA is intended to give civil rights protection for the disabled people, similar to those granted by the Civil Rights Act.

BOS – Battery Operated System.

Brake– The most important part in an accessibility solution. It is an electromechanical mechanism employed to stop or hold a lift or elevator in place.

Cab – The part of the lift people ride in.

Capacity – The maximum load that an accessibility device can carry in terms of weight.

Direct Current (DC) – An electrical current that flows constantly in one direction.

Dumbwaiter – It is an accessibility solution used to carry clothes, firewood, and other merchandise and materials from floor to floor – easily and conveniently.

Emergency Stop Switch – This feature is intentionally used to stop the equipment in an emergency.

Folding Rails – Enables to keep the lift folded when not in use. This saves space and provides other users easy access to the stairways.

fpm – feet per minute. The speed of elevators is measured in fpm.

Handheld Controls – these enable individuals who have limited hand mobility to operate the system.

Heavy Duty – Specifically designed for users who may be of a larger persuasion.

Hoistway – A vertical passageway designed to enclose and provide support for an elevator, platform, or other lifting device.

Key locks – are used to enhance safety and prevent unauthorized access.

LULA Elevators – Limited Use Limited Access Elevators are of great utility value in commercial facilities where there is no existing vertical transportation.

Obstruction Sensors – It is used to detect any obstruction. If any obstruction is encountered, then the lifting device stops the machine automatically.

Overspeed Governor – A safety device for recognizing excess speed so as to prevent sudden or rapid descent.

rpm – revolution per minute

Seat Belts – is a safety harness designed to hold you in place.

Swivel Seat – Allow you to turn your seat to a convenient position.

Vertical Platform Lifts – It is an excellent choice for stages, elevation changes and for overcoming other architectural barriers in a variety of public and commercial building types.