Stair Lifts assist in moving up and down the stairs with much ease. These are beneficial for injured, elderly and mobility impaired individuals, providing safe and independent transportation up and down floors. Stair Lifts can be installed on the left hand side or right hand side of your stairway according to your requirements. No major alterations or structural modifications are required as this equipment is fitted to the stairs and not to the wall. There are mainly two types of Stair Lifts. They are:

  • Straight Stair Lifts are specifically built for straight staircases. The stairlift is attached to a rail on the staircase that does not have a turn, landing or bend. Its installation is easy and takes only minimal time.
  • Curved Stair Lifts are designed exclusively for complex stairs. These are installed on staircases that are spiral or curved, or have multiple landings. Installation is quite simple and fast.

Stair lifts can be installed outdoors as well as indoors. Outdoor Stair Lifts help minimize the difficulty involved in climbing onto a raised patio or accessing porch steps. When you purchase an outdoor Stair Lift, it is essential to make sure that it comes with a weather-resistant cover to withstand various climatic conditions.

You can choose to install a perch Stair Lift if you have a narrow staircase; in this stairlift, you stand up instead of being seated. It is a perfect solution for individuals having difficulty bending their knees. A safety belt, folding armrest and footrest are included in this lift to offer you a safe and comfortable ride.

Locate an Authorized Company

If you live in Long Island, there are authorized and reliable dealers there that can make available brand new as well as certified pre-owned models of Stair Lifts from leading manufacturers such as Acorn, Bruno, Savaria and Harmar. The advantage of choosing an experienced dealer is that they can help you choose the right type of Stair Lift for your home or commercial building. Their factory-trained and certified technicians can deliver accurate installation, repair and maintenance services to ensure the smooth and reliable functioning of your device.