A leading elevator and lift company in the U.S., DAY Elevator & Lift offers an extensive range of mobility products for commercial and residential settings. Our team recently assisted Chopard Boutique, a family-run watchmaking and jewelry company in New York, with an Ascent dumbwaiter installation. This dumbwaiter is highly durable and is designed to offer superb performance for years to come.

The Challenge

The challenge in this case was their jewelry was stored in the basement, and they required to transport this up and down securely and quickly.

The Solution

After studying the client’s requirements carefully, and the layout of the building, we decided on a reliable dumbwaiter as the ideal solution. In any shop, customers are eager to be served quickly and efficiently. This means that the goods bought have to be transported quickly to the specific floor.

Our team installed Ascent Dumbwaiter manufactured by Harmar. We chose this product because:

  • It is a simple equipment, with the entire drive system pre-installed on the underside of the car, with the car’s chassis/trolley pre-installed on a section of the track. There are no complex pulley systems, traveling control cables, and guide rails to deal with.
  • On-site installation is simple, enabling to cut up to a full day of installation time compared to other dumbwaiters.
  • This dumbwaiter is one recognized for its robustness and exceptional performance.

The client is happy with the solution we offered. There is no doubt that they will enjoy improved performance and increased customer satisfaction.
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