Roby Powered Stair Climber




Featuring a compact two-piece design, this mobile tracked and portable stair climber can be used when there is no elevator or lift, or when an elevator or lift cannot be used. It attaches securely with clamps to most standard adult or pediatric manual wheelchairs. The device comes with a standard load capacity of 285 lbs and travels at a nominal speed of 16 ft/min (ascending/descending, loaded or unloaded). The superior safety features of this powered stair climber include manual emergency device (for safe descent in case of a dead battery), keyed operation, user safety belt, emergency stop button, slope indicator and battery charge indicator.


  • Can be used on turn-back stairs with a flat intermediate landing.
  • A high friction electronic traction control system ensures secure contact with the floor
  • Rubberized track does not scratch the floor
  • Long-lasting battery can travel many trips on a single charge (based on travel distance)
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Keyed operation to restrict access
  • Easy to guide for able-bodied operator


  • Applications: Commercial, residential, indoors, outdoors
  • Power supply: battery powered, 115 VAC charging
  • Incline: The unit can be used on stairs that feature a maximum of 35 degrees incline
  • System weight: 102 lb
  • Operating temperature 32˚ to 113˚ F (0˚ to 45˚C).


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