Elevators have become an inevitable part of modern buildings, transforming the lives of millions of people around the world. They are one of the safest means of transport. Advancements in the field of technology have improved the functionality and safety of these accessibility systems. However, accidents do occur. Safety can be improved by learning how to use elevators properly. Here are some simple guidelines that can prevent accidents and ensure a safe and comfortable ride:

  • Watch your step while entering or exiting the elevator, as the door may not be in level with the ground. Step carefully over the threshold.
  • Be patient enough to wait for the next ride if the car is full or if there is not enough room to stand comfortably in the cabin. Check the posted capacity of the device and do not enter a device that is already at its maximum capacity.


  • When you enter elevators, walk to the back of the car, stand sideways and keep away from the doors. Always allow exiting passengers to get off before entering. Keep track of the floor indications as well.
  • Push and hold the “Door Open” button if the doors need to be held open for someone approaching to enter. Never use your hands or feet between doors to stop it from closing.
  • When entering a lift, children should be accompanied by an adult and their hands should be held for the duration of the ride. Pets should be kept close to the leash.
  • Inform the facility management or the maintenance company, if you notice anything unusual about the device such as a damaged part or strange sound.
  • Use the stairs if there is a fire or other in the building. Elevator shafts are often not sealed and act as a chimney when there is a fire.
  • If trapped inside the device, press the “Alarm Button” and wait for the service center’s help. Do not try to exit on your own.
  • While moving heavy or large items, do not overload or exceed lift capacity. Always look for a service or a freight elevator or use the staircase.
  • In case of a power failure, never try to force the doors open.

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