A stair chair lift enables people with mobility problems to move up and down the stairs easily and safely in a seated position. Leading dealers of accessibility equipment in New Jersey offer innovative models of stair chair lifts with advanced features to provide a safe, comfortable ride. Here are the key safety mechanisms to look for when buying a stairlift for your home:

  • Safety seat belt – A standard feature in all devices, this feature prevents the user from slipping out of the seat. A form of lap belt, this is specifically important for perch or standing stair lift models where the users are unable to bend their hips or knees and a seatbelt keeps the user safe as the lift moves up or down the stairs.
  • Locking swivel seat – In most cases, exiting at the top of the stairs is a great issue for users as this poses the greatest fall risk. A locking swivel seat resolves this problem as it allows the user to turn towards the landing and exit forward, rather than stepping sideways or stretching at an angle to reach the landing, which could result in awkward footing or loss of balance. The locking mechanism of the seat allows it to be fixed (either in a straight or swiveled position) before the user gets on or off, so it won’t spin away underneath them and cause a fall.
  • Obstruction sensors – This feature detects any possible obstruction on the stairs which could stop the operation of the device.
  • Emergency stop button – The emergency stop button will completely stop the system’s operation (in case of an emergency) quickly and safely and without any sudden jerking movements.
  • Speed governor – This feature makes sure that the lift carriage does not speed up on its way down the stairs, preventing dangerous speeds.
  • Dual mechanical and electrical braking system – This braking system prevents the uncontrolled descent of the stair chair lift in the event of motor failure.
  • Remote controls – Most stair chair lifts come with remote controls, which allow the user to ‘call’ or ‘send’ the lift up or down the staircase.
  • Diagnostic digital display – This feature informs the user about the current status of the stair chair lift.
  • Limit sensors – Fitted on the rail at the top and bottom, the limit sensors help the stair chair lift to always stop in the correct position on the staircase.
  • Arm position switch – These switches prevent the chair from moving unless the arms are locked in the correct or proper position.

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