There are different types of home elevators such as pneumatic, cable, glass, and hydraulic systems, and when it comes to installing one, most people find it difficult to decide on which option would best meet their needs. Cable-driven elevators, which are the most common type, come with traction steel ropes and a counter-weight to raise and lower the car. The cable-driven hoistway system comprises a drive pulley attached to a gearbox powered by an electric motor. The drive sheave is wrapped with a cable. One end of the cable is attached to a counterweight and the other end to the elevator cab. Compared to other types, these cable-driven systems are versatile and offer some advantages.

High buildings always have electrically powered elevators using cables. The machinery for these electrically operated accessibility systems is usually located in a penthouse rather than in the basement as this saves the cost of installation and operation, lessens wear and tear on the machinery, and reduces noise.

Cable-driven lifts have a more traditional appearance compared to pneumatic or hydraulic models. While choosing elevators, space is an important factor that homeowners need to consider. Cable-driven elevators are the best choices in homes where space is limited. Traditional models require the installation of a separate machine room and pit. However, this can be difficult and practically impossible when space is limited. Cable-driven models do not require a pit and separate machine room. This reduces installation costs. In addition, it can be easily hidden and disguised to look like a closet or pantry. These devices are equipped with several safety features. A built-in braking system grabs onto the rail if the elevator moves through the shaft too quickly.

Another main advantage of the cable-driven device is its energy efficiency. Modern machine roomless elevators use a compact traction sheave assembly that can be mounted within the shaft itself, utilizing the space that is needed in any case for the over-travel.

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