Negotiating outdoor stairs to arrive at the doorway, porch or garden is a challenge for the elderly and for people with mobility problems. Bruno Elite outdoor stair chair lifts provide the solution by ensuring easy and convenient access to exterior areas of homes and other buildings. Leading accessibility equipment dealers in New Jersey offer Bruno stair lifts for both straight and curved stairs. A Bruno outdoor stairlift allows users to access the outdoors safely and independently

Innovative Features

Bruno Elite stair chair lifts for outdoor stairs are durable and easy to use. These devices come equipped with almost all features of an indoor model. Built with weather-protected features, they ensure high-quality performance even in extreme temperatures. Durable outdoor paint protects all steel surfaces. Other features include –

  • Weather-resistant cover
  • Load capacity – 400 lbs
  • Standard seat pad size – 17.5″ wide x 15″ deep
  • Standard footrest size – 10″ long x 9″ deep
  • Two wireless call/send controls
  • Two 12v batteries (provide dependable performance even during power outages)
  • Onboard audio/visual diagnostics
  • Marine-grade vinyl padded seat and armrest
  • Anodized aluminum rail with covered gear rack

Bruno Elite Stair Lift Models for Straight and Curved Stairs

  • Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight – SRE-2010E – Designed for straight stairways, this straight stair lift comes with an offset swivel seat (for safe entry/exit), obstruction safety sensors, and seat belt to ensure maximum safety for users. Other features include generous seat size, anodized aluminum rail, covered gear rack, and paint-protected steel surface, flip-up arms, seat, and footrest to create extra space on the steps.
  • Bruno Elite Outdoor Curved – CRE-2110E – This custom-built outdoor curved stair chair lift is custom built to precisely follow the angles of your stairs. In addition to the footrest/carriage safety sensor that stops the unit when an obstruction is encountered, it comes with weather protection features to ensure high-quality performance even in extreme temperatures. Other features include start/stop buttons, offset swivel seat, flip-up arms, seat, and footrest.

Purchase from a Reliable Dealer

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