Cambridge Elevating is the premier manufacturer of custom elevators. They specialize in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of residential as well as commercial elevators and lifting devices. With vast experience in designing accessibility equipment, they can assist home-building trendsetters and the mobility challenged to make the right choice of an elevator. They manufacture several residential elevator models which help you to access all levels of your home with great ease. Residential elevators from Cambridge Elevating can be purchased from a reliable mobility equipment company in New York. Installing one of these devices is the best gift you can give your loved ones who have difficulty climbing stairs. When a residential elevator is installed, it allows people to age in place and enjoy access to all parts of their home. Here are some models Cambridge Elevating offers.

  • Cambrian – They are completely safe for persons of any age. They are reliable, long-lasting, and offer a silent ride. Their maintenance costs are quite reasonable. With a maximum carrying capacity is 950 / 1500 lbs, this elevator travels at a speed of 40 feet per minute. It has an automatic sliding door system which makes entering and exiting easier. They have many advanced features such as one-touch entry and touch-free exit, infrared safety light curtain, unlimited standard, and custom cab and fixture finish options to ensure comfort, accessibility, and safety.
  • Heritage Home Elevator – It provides a great deal of independence to users. It is durable and provides excellent performance. This elevator can travel up to a distance of 50 feet at a speed of 40 feet per minute. Its standard features include automatic sliding doors on the cab, infrared safety light curtain for added safety, seamless integration into any home, load capacities up to 1,500 lbs, a unique door system that provides maximum flexibility, and two-speed hydraulic valves for soft start and stop.
  • Elmira–This elevator fits perfectly in new as well as existing homes and even in the tightest floor plans. This cost-effective device comes with custom cab configurations and operational aids for occupants with special needs. Elmira has a carrying capacity of 950 lbs with a travel speed of 40 feet per minute. They consist of emergency battery backup for lowering, lighting, and door unlocking in the event of a power failure. Their attributes include integrated safety locks, low operating and maintenance cost, compact and versatile design, and a swing landing door with a manual or automatic accordion cab gate.

Purchase Cambridge Elevating Residential Elevators from an Authorized Dealer

If you are planning to purchase a residential elevator from Cambridge Elevating, let the professionals at Day Elevator & Lift help you find the best personal elevator for your home. Contact us at (800) 758-5438 or fill out our online contact form for more information about your home elevator options in the New York area. In addition to that, we provide handholding assistance, unlimited site visits, and on-site support to ensure the smooth and reliable functioning of your equipment.