With the growing urbanization and high-rises, accessibility devices such as stairlifts and home elevators have become an integral part of building design. However, both these accessibility options have their limitations, especially in homes with space constraints. A stairlift is a permanent and visible addition to a staircase, while a traditional home elevator takes up a lot of space and is not a practical option for most homes.

These limitations have led to the development of a futuristic-looking home elevator that can be installed even in homes with limited space. This innovative system fits into the corner of a room and ascends through a hole in the ceiling – with no lift shaft!

This novel device can carry a maximum of two people at a time. It features a battery backup system that will steadily return the user to the ground floor in case of a power outage. It comes with a pressure-sensitive bottom panel and safety edges that gently stop operation if an obstruction is detected either above or below. This home elevator also features EU standard 30-minute fire protection between the floors. And one of the best things about this new accessibility device is that it can be easily sent away from the room to the upper level when extra space is required.

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