September 14, 2018

DAY Elevator & Lift, a leading elevator and lift company in the U.S., has announced the addition of accessibility products from Garaventa Lifts to its portfolio. Garaventa Lift is a large international company specializing in the manufacturing of accessibility products and compact elevators and has forged a reputation for reliability, safety and innovation. DAY now supplies Elvoron home elevators and a LULA elevator from Garaventa Lifts.

The Garaventa home elevator comes in two models: Elvoron home elevator and Elvoron Stella.

  • Elvoron Home Elevator: The premium quality Elvoron Home Elevator is designed specifically for use in private residences. With a load capacity of 750lb-000lb, Elvoron Home Elevators are available with either a hands-free telephone integrated into the car operating panel, or a separate cabinet with a jack for a standard hand-held telephone. The Elvoron home elevator comes with two types of drive systems: hydraulic and in-line (machine room-less).
    • Elvoron HR (Hydraulic Drive System): This system features Compact Drive Cabinet, Submersed Hydraulic Pump Motor and Aircraft-Quality Steel Suspension Cable. It is designed to make manual lowering operations very easy for those with limited strength or mobility.
    • Elvoron MR (In-Line/Machine Room-Less Drive System): This system features an In-Line Drive Electric Motor, and requires no hydraulic fluid. As it does not require a machine room, it is a popular choice where space is a prime consideration. All of the drive components, including the controller box, can be mounted within the hoistway.
  • Elvoron Stella: With a 1400lb capacity, this home elevator has the look and feel of a commercial elevator. It comes with automatic horizontal sliding elevator doors in either stainless steel or mild steel. Its heavy duty hydraulic drive system is the same one used for the Elvoron LU/LA, a small passenger elevator.
  • Elvoron LULA Elevator: This system is a cost-effective power passenger elevator in which the use and application is limited by size, capacity, speed and rise. The Elvoron LU/LA elevator is a code-compliant automatic elevator with a variety of platform configurations and can service up to 6 landings. The wide selection of cab finishes and options ensure that it will blend into any setting.

As a reliable supplier of home elevators in New Jersey, DAY serves the areas of New York and New Jersey and takes great pride in its “service-oriented” culture and proactive commitment towards customer satisfaction. Purchase of Garaventa home elevators from DAY comes with many benefits such as competitive pricing, efficient and speedy installation, and timely maintenance support. The professionals at DAY work with clients throughout the entire phase of their project – from initial design and engineering, through installation and ongoing maintenance.

About DAY Elevator and Lift

A leading supplier of accessibility equipment serving the areas of New York and New Jersey, DAY Elevator & Lift was established in 1992. The company offers technology-driven accessibility products and solutions for residential and commercial purposes. DAY’s extensive collection includes elevators, wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, ceiling lifts and much more. The company also provides excellent support for project design, selection and installation.

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