If you are looking for an elevator that will blend smoothly into your home, Cambridge Elevating’s Heritage Residential Elevator would be an ideal choice. This elegant system helps preserve your design elements and privacy, while ensuring smooth transport to all levels of your home. It guarantees excellent performance, convenience and durability.

The device is designed to integrate easily into any type of home. What sets this system apart from other home elevators is its unique door system that offers maximum flexibility. In addition to an automatic sliding cab door, it offers the choice of an automatic or manually operated swing door on each landing. The elevator will movement will start only when both the landing door and sliding door are closed.

Featuring a roped hydraulic drive system, the Heritage travels to a maximum height of 50 feet. Other features include:

  • Infrared safety light curtain detects an obstructed doorway
  • Custom cab sizes
  • Two speed hydraulic valve for soft start and stop
  • Maximum number of stops: 6
  • Minimum overhead: 108″
  • Minimum pit depth: 12″
  • Nominal speed: 40 feet per minute
  • Rated load: 950 lb (Load capacities up to 1,500 lbs, where permitted by Code)
  • DPI on Car and Landings
  • Cab door system: 2-Speed, 3-Speed Automatic Sliding
  • Soft recessed L.E.D. cab lighting optional

Cambridge Elevating home elevators come with a wide range of customization options. Standard finishes include Melamine, Plywood, MDF, Veneer and optional finishes include Veneer, Hardwood, and Stainless Steel. There are also various cab door finish options such as Beige Epoxy, Stainless Steel, and Custom. With these varied choices, you can customize your Heritage residential elevator to match the decor of your home.