Climbing stairs or managing rooms in different levels of a building can be a challenging task for people with mobility issues who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Vertical platform lifts (VPLs) easily resolve this issue and provide safe access to a raised deck, porch or even between floors. An economical solution where stairs are not a viable option, a VPL allows wheelchair users to move between levels without leaving their assistive device. Leading accessibility equipment dealers based in New Jersey offer advanced models of vertical platform lifts in a variety of designs integrated with premium quality features. Harmar’s CPL800H-1400H Hydraulic CPL with Modular Tower is a popular option that offers smooth, quiet operation. Featuring a hydraulic drive system, the platform lift comes with comes with automatic over/under correction that ensures transition even from platform to landing. The upper tower frame can be assembled from within the hoistway. This provides the flexibility to make future onsite modifications by changing just a few components.

This vertical platform lift comes with a rated load capacity of 750 lbs. It travels up to a distance of 171″ (14.25 ft) at a nominal speed of 24 fpm up / 15 fpm down. The device features easy to install modular panels that permit multiple floor stops. The device also features a constant pressure paddle switch with emergency stop (key switch optional).

Harmar’s CPL800H-1400H Hydraulic VPL comes equipped with a wide range of safety mechanisms such as final limit switch, slack rope safety, safety pan and non-skid surface flow control valve. Other standard features and technical specifications include –

  • 90-degree platform
  • Auto-folding ramp
  • Automatic door openers
  • Key switch
  • Manual lowering
  • Optional platform sizes available
  • Batteries – Battery-powered 24 volt DC (with continuous charging to work during power failures)
  • Custom colors and coastal finish
  • Drive – 2:1 Roped hydraulic drive
  • Enter/exit same side
  • Footprint – 50″ x 54″ (127 cm x 137.2 cm)
  • Platform gate
  • Power – 120 VAC 15A, 240 VAC Optional
  • Safety design – ASME A18.1, Section 2 – Vertical Platform Lifts
  • Standard platform – 36″ x 54″ (91 cm x 137 cm) straight-thru with 42″ (107 cm) high guard panels and grab rail / stationary ramp
  • Standards – CSA B44.1 / ASME A17.5 – Elevator & Escalator Equipment

Choose a Reliable Dealer

Accessibility equipment companies in New Jersey offer the Harmar CPL800H-1400H Hydraulic CPL with Modular Tower Vertical Platform Lift. Purchase from an established dealer will ensure free site assessment, customized installation by trained and experienced professionals, and efficient maintenance support.