Older adults or people with mobility issues are often restricted to their home and cannot enjoy the beauty of outdoors. Outdoor stair lifts provide a safe and convenient access over the outdoor staircases, transporting the user from the front door, deck or porch to the garden, driveway or garage. Built with weather-resistant materials, an outdoor stairlift comes equipped with a wide range of advanced features to provide a safe and comfortable ride. Leading suppliers of accessibility devices offer various models of outdoor stair lifts in New York. The Harmar SL350OD Outdoor Stairlift is a premium quality model designed for long term outdoor use. It can be easily installed on either side of the staircase.

SL350OD Outdoor – Top Safety Features

The SL350OD straight stairlift features a durable extruded aluminum track and marine-grade vinyl seating to handle rain, wind, snow, and temperatures from 0° to 125° degrees. It includes header, internal chassis and large weatherproof covers for added protection. The weather-resistant cover keeps the unit safe from the elements even when it is not in use.

This stair chair lift comes with a total weight capacity of 350lbs (160kg). It travels at a distance of 16 ft standard; (available up to 25 ft) at a nominal speed of 20 fpm. It also has separate controls both at top and bottom of stairs and is integrated with a wide variety safety features to ensure a safe ride. Top safety features include – foot rest obstruction switch, final limit switch, swivel seat, slack-cable brake w/switch, limit switches and swivel seat cut-off switch. Constant pressure rocker controls immediately stop lift operation when the control is released. Other standard features and specifications include –

  • Drive system – Cable drive
  • Incline limits – 30 – 45 degrees
  • Minimum folded width – 14″ (35.5 cm)
  • Minimum footrest height – 4″ (10 cm)
  • Power source – 115VAC
  • Seat cushions
  • Seat rest and footrest fold to save space
  • Seat size – 19″ W x 14″ D x 14″ T
  • Track (rail) type – Extruded Aluminum
  • Upholstery Colors – Light Almond, Evergreen, Mocha

Benefits of Purchase from a Reliable Dealer

The best option when it comes to buying the Harmar SL350OD Outdoor Stair lift in New York is to partner with a reliable, licensed dealer in accessibility devices. In addition to free site assessment and custom installation, established dealers would provide dedicated inspection and maintenance support.