Stairs can pose a serious barrier for wheelchair users. Built to address this concern, inclined platform lifts can transport a wheelchair and its occupant from one level to another safely and comfortably. These wheelchair lifts do not require any extra space as they can be directly installed on either straight or curved stairs and even programmed for multiple stops in larger homes — without any structural modifications. Reliable dealers in accessibility equipment offer premium quality inclined platform lifts in New Jersey integrated with high-end safety mechanisms. Harmar’s IL500 Sierra Inclined Platform Lift is a perfect option for residential settings where a stairway lift or vertical platform lift is not appropriate.

Featuring an innovative design, the IL500 Sierra Inclined Platform Lift is based on the proven SL600 Pinnacle Stair Lift drive system and utilizes the same track. Designed to carry a wide range of wheelchairs and scooters, the device comes with a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs. Its platform folds to just 13″ wide when not in use, allowing easy access to the stairs.

Equipped with a unique worm drive system, this platform lift is extremely energy efficient and requires no greases or lubricants. It does not require wall modifications and saves significant time and installation costs. The lift mounts to the stairs and not the wall, so that the main carry load is supported by step brackets.

Harmar’s IL500 Sierra Inclined Platform Lift is integrated with a wide range of innovative safety features such as – overspeed governor, upper and lower landing limits, under platform safety pan obstruction sensors, upper and lower final limit, ramp obstruction sensors, non-skid surface, two wireless remote controls and drive chassis obstruction sensors. Additional features, options, and technical specifications –

  • Platform Options – Right, Left, 90-degree, and 25″ or 27.5″ widths
  • Convenient and ease of use
  • Travel – 40 feet maximum (12.2 meter max)
  • Standards – CSA B44.1 / ASME A17.5 – Elevator & Escalator Equipment ETL Listed 3148125
  • Speed – 14 feet per minute (4.3 meters per minute)
  • Power supply – 115 VAC 15 amp grounded circuit
  • Platform – 25″ x 36″ or 27.5″ x 36″ Upgrade; Manual fold, gas shocked assisted; Automatic power folding ramps for entry and exit; 90 degree platform option
  • Outdoor package available
  • Folded width – 13″ folded (33 cm)
  • Every unit is weight-tested before shipping
  • Drive – Rack and worm gear/24VDC 1/8 hp motor w/ brake
  • Controls – Constant pressure rocker switch on platform
  • Infrared Call / Send Control
  • Control circuit – 24 VDC
  • Auto-folding ramps on both ends of the platform

When it comes to buying the Harmar Inclined Platform Lift in New Jersey, the best option is to partner with an authorized accessibility equipment dealer. A reliable dealer will ensure competitive pricing as well as excellent support for site inspection, installation, and maintenance.