Suppliers of accessibility equipment offer a variety of stair lifts in New York from leading brands. Featuring a motorized seat which runs along a rail, these units allow people to travel up and down stairs safely and comfortably. Stairlifts are an ideal option for those who have difficulty with stairs and widely used in both commercial and residential settings. These devices are safe and easy to operate. Recent market research reports indicate that the demand for stairlifts is growing at a fast pace.

According to InvestDailyNews, the stairlift market is expected to reach a value of 753 million USD by 2022. The report segments the market in terms of product type, application, regions and the leading manufacturers and key players of the industry.

  • By product type, the stairlift market is segmented into two types: straight stairlifts for a straight flight of stairs and curved stairlifts for staircases that are spiral or turn corners.
  • Typical applications for curved and straight stairlifts are identified as: residence, Medicare Area, and public place.
  • Market based on geographical region includes: Latin America Stairlift Market (Middle and Africa), Stairlift market of Asia-Pacific (Korea, Japan, India, China and South-east Asia), and Stairlift market of Europe (Italy, Germany, UK, and Russia), North America Stairlift Market (Mexico, the USA, and Canada). High adoption rate of stair lifts is expected to be the boost growth of the stair lifts markets in North America.

Savaria, Bruno, Harmar, and Handicare are among the top stairlift vendors in the market, according to the InvestDailyNews report.

Another recent report from persistence market research lists the key factors that drive the demand for stairlifts as:

  • Increasing global geriatric population base
  • Incidence rate of disabling conditions
  • Government initiatives to modernize healthcare

The report also notes that increasing awareness about accessibility devices and technological advancements in the industry have played a major role in the growth of the global stair lifts market.