Manually lifting or transferring ailing persons can be a strenuous task for caregivers. Ceiling lifts can make this task easier. These devices allow people with mobility issues to be moved easily and safely from bed to wheelchair. Leading manufacturers of accessibility equipment offer innovative models of ceiling lifts in New Yorkfrom top brands. Fixed ceiling lifts from industry leader Handicare are compact, powerful models that come with advanced features to ensuresmooth and effortless transfer.

Handicare’s fixed ceiling lift models are specifically designed to ensure safe and easy transfer of patients/residents in institutional and homecare settings. These lifts come in five different models from and can be easily operated by a single caregiver. They can handle all body sizes and weights, level of mobility and medical conditions. The top features of these fixed ceiling lifts include –

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Visual battery/charge level display
  • Slack tape sensor
  • Range of sling sizes and styles for most transfer maneuvers
  • Over-speed governor
  • Faster Hi-Lo operation
  • Emergency stop/emergency power or manual lowering
  • Built-in load limits
  • Auto-shut off feature

Five Handicare Fixed Ceiling lifts

  • C-300 – Designed for use by a single caregiver, the C-300 ceiling lift features a unique detachable, quick-connection system that can be easily moved between different track locations. The device is lightweight, easy to install and can be moved between different track locations. Equipped with a digital hand control, the ceiling system can lift a maximum load of 300 lb. (136 kg) at an average speed of 1.8 inches per second. In addition, long strap length allows easy transfers from bed.
  • C-450 – Regarded as the smallest lift in its class, the C-450 is specially designed to handle extremely complex or difficult patient transfers. The device can be easily operated by a single caregiver, even in the most demanding clinical environments. Available with manual or power traversing options, the system can lift at least 7 in (18cm) of additional lifting height. The digital display feature indicates the number of lifts, battery levels, and lift status.
  • C-625 – The C-625 can lift up to a maximum of 625 lbs (283 kg), allowing maximum flexibility in the type of patients that can be transferred. Built for quiet operation, the lift is available with manual or power traversing options. Auto shut-off feature allows conserving battery life when the lift is not in use.
  • C-800 – This bariatric ceiling lift can be easily operated by a single caregiver. The Quick Release Carabineer on the strap enables quick and easy carry bar attachment. Weight sensor cut out at 5.5 amps ensures patient safety. Other standard features of the C-800 fixed ceiling lift include – pneumatic hand control, audible low battery indicator, emergency stop and emergency lowering on the lift and manual or power traversing versions.
  • C-1000 – Described as the strongest lift in its class, the C-1000 Tandem comes with the same features as the single-motor system, but incorporates a second motor with a dual-track arrangement. It features multiple carry-bar options which make transfers easier for both the patient and the caregivers. Other standard features include –constant charge, emergency stop/lowering, Quick Release System (for simple interchange of carry bars) and 24VDC Traverse motor.

Choose a Reliable Dealer

Many dealers offer Handicare ceiling lifts in New York. Partnering with the right supplier will ensure hassle-free installation as well as timely and efficient maintenance support to keep the equipment in excellent working condition.