Elevators are indispensable in hospitals and other multilevel medical facilities. However, like most mechanical devices, regular and continuous use lead to wear and tear. Periodic elevator inspection and maintenance is necessary to reduce downtime and extend the overall life of the device.

According to a recent report, records released by the Army Corps of Engineers show that all the 10 passenger elevators functioning at Fort Gordon’s Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center passed safety tests as part of the two-week inspection conducted in September 2015. All the lifts for patients and staff members functioning in the center underwent an eight-point safety test measuring oil levels, door pressure, car movement, stopping devices, firefighter emergency operations and means of detecting traction loss. The elevator inspection report published by the Augusta Chronicle under the Freedom of Information Act reported no violations.

Elevators at Eisenhower Army Medical Center The Eisenhower Army Medical Center’s elevators are regularly inspected and meet all specific safety standards. The current report of a flawless inspection follows reports claiming that more than one-third of the 117 passenger and freight lifts inside Doctors, Trinity and University hospitals, and on the Georgia Regents Health System campus reported at least one violation last year. These violations included broken alarms and door-open buttons, defective hardware, faulty battery backup systems and overdue weight and fire extinguisher tests. All the devices except for 43 passed the inspection. Of the ones with the violations, up to 25 had multiple issues and the most common problems were missing emergency-rescue, fire-service and machine-room keys in 24 cars.

The Eisenhower Army Medical Center’s is constantly renovating and improving facilities for patients and it is heartening to note that its elevators have cleared the mandatory safety inspection tests.