Established accessibility equipment dealers supply durable commercial elevators to improve vertical transportation in various public places. Supermarkets need sturdy and durable systems with bigger car size and heavier load capacity. Leading manufacturers offer elevators designed to carry a large number of people including wheelchair users as well as goods between different floors of commercial buildings.

LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) elevators are designed for use in low-rise buildings housing supermarkets. They are designed to provide ADA-compliant accessibility that meets state and national codes. These systems are easy to install as they need only a lower pit depth and minimal overhead to accommodate than standard commercial elevators.

The Orion and the Journey are top-class LULA elevators are popular choices when it comes to improving accessibility in supermarkets. The Orion from Savaria features an efficient hydraulic drive system to deliver a smooth and quiet ride and comes with safety options such as overspeed governor, emergency battery back-up lowering and cab lighting. Cambridge Elevating’s Journey comes with custom cab sizes and various finish options, and can blend seamlessly into any type of décor. It has Braille/Tactile controls, fire rated sliding hoistway doors and laminate wall panels, an emergency lowering/battery back-up system and a hands free ADA phone. Choosing a leading accessibility equipment dealer in Long Island to purchase commercial elevators for supermarkets would offer many benefits. Reliable dealers set up new elevator systems or customize, modernize and replace existing systems. Besides quality products with proper guarantee at competitive prices, partnering with an established company would ensure periodic inspection and testing and efficient maintenance services.