High-rise public buildings exist by the grace of elevators. With advancements in the field of technology, lift makers are able to build  accessibility devices with high-end features that allow quick and easy transfer of people to virtually unlimited heights. However, nowadays it is not only the fastest devices that are most expensive, but the ones that take technology and comfort to a new level and transform the ride into a pleasant journey that you will never forget.

Top-class elevators of today coordinate with their environment and are unique in terms of design and function. The “Aqua Dom Elevator” located in the middle of a huge aquarium at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin-Mitte, Germany is a classic example of the lift that perfectly meets these conditions.

Known to be the largest free-standing aquarium in the world, the Aqua Dom features a transparent elevator at its center, giving its passengers a unique experience of scaling the underwater paradise enclosed in the 1 million-liter tank. The most impressive part of the attraction is that the hotel guests can enjoy looking at over 500 different species of fish as they ride up and down the Aqua Dom.

The elevator system, which can hold up to 48 people, goes all the way up to a viewing platform just below the glass roof of the hotel, offering a stunning view of the sea life as well as the luxurious hotel atrium. The aquarium filters the light coming from above, projecting calm blue waves and ripples onto the hotel walls.