The 1910-built Little Brown Church (LBC), host to the Pacifica Coast side Museum, was opened after its renovation in August. The major restoration jobs carried out included the three-story lift required by the ADA (American with Disabilities Act).

Till recently, the Little Brown Church (LBC) was the Pacifica Police Headquarters which was vacated since they shifted in to a new building in Vallemar. Since the City had no reserve funds to restore the historic structure, the Pacifica Historical Society (PHS) volunteered to undertake the responsibility for restoration and financing of the LBC.

The lift was installed in the building in October 2011 by a family-owned and operated company located in Pacifica. The new three-story platform lift installation was done free of charge by the company which secured the State inspection as well.

Featuring a total load capacity of 750 pounds, the platform lift is ideal for individuals who cannot climb stairs including those in wheelchairs and their caregivers. The accessibility device includes three stops – on the street level at the entrance from the north side of the building, on the second floor where the assembly room is located, and at the third floor museum.

The Little Brown Church (LBC) has been a central place for weddings, gatherings for social events and meetings and served as student classrooms as well. The restoration process was expensive and hence depended on financing from donations, special fundraising events and grants. The main highlights of restoration include – replacement of the foundation, restoration of the bell tower, new roof, exterior siding repairs and replacements, electrical fixtures, duct work and windows.