Stiltz Trio Elevator



  • Standard Finishes – Neutral cream door and exterior plus beige interior lining
  • Half Height Door – Interlocked door matching the finish of the elevator
  • 2 X Remote Controls – Remote calling and sending the lift to move heavy items between floors
  • Two Year Warranty – Standard two-year parts warranty
  • Internal LED Downlights – Programmed to turn on once the user has entered the lift
  • Battery Back Up System – Helpful in power outage during use – lift will descend to the lower level and wait until power comes back
  • Full Height Light Curtain – Light curtain for half height door
  • Interior Telephone – For emergencies, in the unlikely event of the lift stopping

Optional Features:

  • Fold Down Seat
  • Interior Grab Rail
  • Full Height Door

Safety Features:

  • Full Height Light Curtain
  • Safety Lid Plug
  • Key Switch Operation
  • Top & Bottom Safety Pans
  • Hold-To-Run Controls
  • Weight Limit Sensors
  • Out of Balance Sensors
  • Fall Arrest Mechanism
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Over Speed Detection


Drive: Roped drum, braked gear motor drive
Power Supply: 220 – 240v AC / 5 Amps – will work off 110v with step-up transformer
Maximum Load: 485lbs | 220kg
Maximum Travel: 13’1” / 4 meters
Entrance Security: Full-height light curtain / motion sensor – option for full-height door
Maximum Speed: 6″ / 15cm per second
Warranty: 2 year parts
Rope Diameter: 6mm galvanized steel rope
Lighting Type: 2 x 3w LED downlights
Landing Call Stations: 2 Wireless remote control units – call / send facility (3 x standard AAA batteries in each)
Installation: Typical one day installation
Operation: Hold-to-run controls


Stiltz Trio Home Elevator - For Three People or a Wheelchair

The Trio offers the compactness typical of all Stiltz elevators but with increased capacity of three individuals or a wheelchair or walker. It grants independence for handicapped individuals, and can be installed almost anywhere in the home thanks to its footprint of less that 13.5 square feet.The Trio requires no hydraulics and comes with a quiet, refined and compact electric motor that plugs right into a regular outlet. It features a roped drum braked gear motor drive system which is neatly self-contained and remains hidden from view. The unique Stiltz dual rail system creates a self-supporting structure so that load-bearing walls are not required.

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